Monday, August 13, 2012

Another Day Closer to East Glacier....And Thanks to A Great Guy...

Since I now have a somewhat limited internet I thought I would read a few Blogs and look at The Casita Travel Trailer posts...and what did I find... a more than I deserve commentary about my trip from a super person I have never met in person....but have bugged over the last several months via email....not only about his trips, but also about Casita stuff....Thank you are a friend....I am slowing hitch up the old mule and make tracks to the Great Northwest...also like to thank everyone for their postive comments on the Casita Forum....we are family!!!!Speaking of Casita's..I've only seen 3 on the trip thus far...Did see a vintage Boller at Bozeman...have had a good share of "oh isn't that CUTE" from the ladies of those monster...whatever they are...can't call them campers......I suppose one could call them "Hilton on wheels"....wonder if they come with room service or if thats an after market purchase.....
Devils Elbow...Horst kelly Photographer

Today I just looked around Helena...went to Lowes to purchase some ant bait ...seems I've gotten a few in the camper...there are about as small of ants as I've ever seen....but as old Barney Fife use to to nip it in the ts not been a very productive day...but its been fun....what I'm going to try to do is post a bunch of photo's...hopefully it will work....thanks for stopping by...and Happy Trails...Horst
Its now Monday 13th Aug and I am at McDonals trying to post this...and add some photo' day will be prepare for departure day.....some more checking the town out...find the state capital building...
Horst Kelly Photographer

Would like to give BLM a plug...the facility at Devils Elbow is great, clean, well managed, friendly and 10 bucks a day ..of course if you are a senior only five dollars...did I mention views..second to none..if KOA had this place there would be charging 40 dollars a day..and change the ambiance....ok, lets try to post some photo's   next stop St. Mary's campground, East Glacier...Happy Trails..Horst

Horst Kelly photographer
Horst Kelly Photographer

Thats all folks...Happy Trails...Horst

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  1. Horst, that is one healthy grizzly youu made friends with. Great pictures!

    Decent internet in the trading post in East Glacier. You can catch the signal in the cafe next door.

    Safe travels