Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Great Last Day and a maybe a Regroup...stay tuned

The day started out not looking good for photo opportunities...rained during the night and began to drizzle right after I left to see what shots I could manage  to get....decided I would try the McDonald Waterfall again...and use the Japanese Route(reference yesterdays Blog)...and what do you know..a pulloff and five second walk down the hill...what a concept...there're making life far to easy these days....

McDonald Falls

Early AM..Overcast..McDonald Lake..Horst Kelly Photographer
Though overcast, the rain stopped for a while and I shot the Falls with a different lens and a new level of energy...after the Falls I was wandering on the Sun Road trying to find a new adventure...I saw a sign... Lake McDonald Lodge......since I had nothing better to fill the time I turned in...WOW..what a great place..its a Alpine store, lodge, cabins, I think they even have a youth, cruises,..sits right on the northern edge of the Lake..Magnificent views...

 Toured the area and took some pics...sat and people watched for a half hour or so...alot of foreign tourists...both from Europe and Asia....great little find....

Started raining again, so I decided to go to Colimbia Fall and visit a Grocery some items for the next leg of my journey...came back to camp and started looking at where I was going to camp tomorrow...I remember that Jerry and Wanda, of Eggrolling Blog,  had a great campsite somewhee around Seeley Lake...its only 140 or so miles south...but then, whats the rush....Jus tgot an email that Buddy Rob is at St. Marys...haven't connected yet by phone.....I may try to bet back to St. Marys for one night if they have an opening and then just retract my tire marks down to Bozeman and  head to the Tetons that I'll call the reservation in a minute and we'll see what my options are..I'm all ready to hitch up and head to wherever... I think I'll do sweet corn again to night and a brat....with a "Dunkel Bier".....say tuned for the next adventure...Happy Trails...Horst

One section of McDonald Lodge...Horst Kelly Photographer
McDonald Falls..Horst Kelly Photographer

Until the next adventure...Happy Trails...Horst


  1. If you find your way back toward Columbia Falls, there is a meat market called Perfect Cuts on your right on side street just before the RV park. Fabulous meat. Recommend their flat iron steaks.

  2. Great photos, by the way. Hope u hook up w Rob.