Thursday, July 26, 2012

On the Road Again...Post no. "uno" 313 miles on Rt 87 & 283

The day has finally arrived.....yes I still have unfinished stuff on my "List"....but it doesn't matter and yes I forgot to take some stuff....only items that bothered me, and that I couldn't find  on the road... were my tomatoes, cucumbers and red would think there would be at least one road side veggie stand in a 300 mile was not to be.....
In the Country...Horst Kelly Photographer

I began the journey by getting a  wheel replaced on the Casita...they noticed it was bent when I went to the tire place last was ordered and I decided to have it put on at the start of the 0830 all was done and I'm on my way....

So I make my way west on I-10 until I get to Comfort, Texas..hit Rt 87 through the great German town of Fredericksburg, birthplace of Adm. Nimitz...and then the vast open and desolate trip begins...thru Mason, Brady on Rt 283 North and more ET landing areas, Fife, Santa Anna, Coleman until I hit I-20...I see no Cattle, No Horses, no Vultures, no Roadkill....not even an empty "Bud Light beer can" on the side of the road.....I was lucky to find a gas station...well a pump and one can only hope it was  gas and not kerosene....I decided to Bed Down in Abilene....I was thinking of staying at the Cracker Barrel as they allow overnight camping...however the temps were in the high 90's and they didn't want generators running(for the AC) I stopped at Abilene RV get a Good Sam discount...they are pull throughs, electric, pool, very clean bathrooms...price $27.00.....two hours into being parked the rain and wind came in mass and the temperature dropped 15 to 20 degrees......I could have stayed a Cracker AC needed...timing is everything....

Horst Kelly Photographer
Will leave at first light tomorrow and see where I end up...looks like its all Rt 83 until I get to the Badlands....another 4 or so days away....I just looked around and I forgot to bring my Dulcimer...see what happens when you start believing in" lists"...never again.....just let me deal with adventure, the unknown....and vision...if I would have done that, I be trying to carve out a tune with my Dulcimer right now...oh well...time for a little Bob Segar ....and a glass of's are from my Spring trip.....Happy Trails  Horst


  1. Glad you are finally on the road. I couldn't get out the driveway without my list. Safe travels. Looking forward to some fantastic pictures from you.

  2. JD and Bob Segar sounds like a great combination, especially with rain and wind and cooler temps outside your Casita may not be a dulcimer, but I think its probably the next best thing!
    Looking forward to following your trip - Happy Trails, my friend!