Wednesday, June 6, 2012

T-Minus...But I'm closing in on Departure

I continue to grow within myself...I've figured out that historically I have been a person of "vision".....details are my undoing.....but I am grasping the concept of crossing the "t's" and dotting "i's"...which proves that you can teach an old dog new tricks...though it takes forever...

Texas Mission..Horst Kelly Photographer
My new and improved plan...until the next glass of wine, is to depart around the 20 something of July and meander and take in the sites up along north Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, the Dakota's, Wyoming and Montana and get to Glacier  National Park  around  the 14th of August...stay on the east side until the 24th and then head to the west side...stay at Fish Creek campground 'till the 30th...and head south to the Tetons and Yellowstone....and from there who knows.......I can only handle so many details before I unravel.... is getting Ms Casita prepped and ready for the tires, a generator, wash and wax, and whatever else her heart desires. I'm a little concerned about the tow has 124000 miles on it...but other than one hiccup has never had a problem...going to take it in to my super mechanic and have him give it a clean bill of health before making it drag the Casita over Mountain passes...So that's the plan....need to put a lot more details together.....but for now "baby steps" are fine.....too many details and it become a "destination" rather than a "adventure"...

I'm also making a change in my website. Apple which had a web builder program I used.....have decided to get out of that business...after looking around I decided to have this blog to tell the story and use SmugMug as my photo gallery.  I'm currently in a trial is live and I have the Domain Name pointed to if you bookmarked my site you will now land on my SmugMug site. Its still work in progress...I have to load more photo's, add contact info and somehow to be able to link to this blog .....stay tuned.. 

I also would like to welcome a new member to this blog...John and Ellen of Vine Photography... check out there blog...some great photography....CONNECTED TO THE VINE PHOTOGRAPHY   Thanks John and Ellen for connecting with this site!

Well, that's all for today....taking the camper to a friend of mine to see if we can fabricate a box to put on the tongue to hold a generator....I'll check back soon.....thanks for stopping by. Horst sends


  1. Sounds like a great plan. Bet you will get some fantastic pics along the way.

  2. Great plan, always good to have one. You should definitely include Kansas either on the way up or back and visit the Mighty Bus! We would love to have Ms Casita in our driveway!