Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fathers Day, Memories and "Slides"

Moving closer to departure day....only about a month away...still working on putting a basket on the rear of Ms Casita to hold a generator ...hopefully that will be completed this week....Will go to Austin, Tx next week to pick up the generator.....

This past Fathers Day after receiving calls from all the kids and grandkids, I started reflecting on how fast the years have blown by......yet what a terrific ride I've had and continue to have...before I knew it my memories where wondering to the '50's, '60's and early '70's...the TR-3 I had, places I lived and the music of the era...... before I could stop myself I was pulling out all the old vinyl LP's and playing select tunes..I than came across a long forgotten LP by Richard Harris..not one of the top recording artists of the time....but a great Welch voice.....a song that really captured me back in '72 was a tune he recorded titled "Slides".....I went to see if it was on utube.. so without further ado...the first minute and 50 seconds is more of an intro...so stick with it....now if I can figure out how to paste on the blog, is Richard Harris and "Slides"..

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