Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Its been a while...I have now fully recovered from whatever it was that ended my last trip prematurely.. .....Now to make up my mind where my next adventure will be. Originally I was going to venture to Canada. Decided to postpone that until next year....Then I thought a trip to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone, Tetons and finally go to Zion and Bryce would be the ticket....after corresponding with fellow Casita owner and photographer Rob Rupp, who gave me a reality check about how hot it would be this time of year at Zion and Bryce...I think I've come up with a game plan....

No caption required

Leave here late July, early August....head  west than north to the panhandle of Texas, up Colorado, stopping when and where ever.....land in South Dakota and visit Mt Rushmore...may go to Custer State Park and  Badlands National Park...then head to the East side of Glacier National park...after a week of hiking and photography, head to the west side, another week or so.....depending how the weather is and how all is going I thought of going south to the Tetons and Yellowstone...though Yellowstone will probably be a bumper to bumper zoo...we'll see...and after that start working my way back to Texas...probably get to I-10..then south to 90 and a stop at Seminole State Park...one of my favorite places to relax....

Davis Mts. State Park, Tx.

Thats the plan... I would be grateful for any ideas, suggestions, or reality checks....I will start doing updates when I get a little more meat on the bones...or change my plans....again..ha.