Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Summary.... Thoughts...It's a Wrap

Been home for a couple weeks....my Casita is still at Camping World, and I haven't downloaded all my photo's to the Apple.....so its been "vegan" time...and I don't feel guilty. I suppose its time to provide some "stats. and money" figures......let me say I haven't done the best job with this part of the adventure, so it's kinda like "Kentucky Windage"....plus or minus this and that:

Horst Kelly photographer
Total Miles on Xterra..6070
Total miles on Casita...4500 + or - some
Gas expenditures..$1019.51
Camp Grounds..$603.29
Misc( food, oil change, photo stuff,  meals out, laundry, other sundry stuff)...$741.16
5 weeks on the road..but who's counting

Could I have done it cheaper...yup, especially on the Misc. stuff.....in addition, I put a lot of miles and gas  chasing the light..... would I have done it differently...probably not.....
Lessons learned...SLOW DOWN,  There was no reason to go from one location to another every 2 or 3 days....it did wear me down....especially with the numerous adrenalin highs...and then not allowing for down time in between....

Horst Kelly Photographer
The Journey was a fantastic experience....I find it difficult to describe the various emotions I experienced with each new area that I went through......maybe I should leave my lack of ability to convey my emotions with a quote from Ansel Adams:

"When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence."

I think the quote "nails" the way I'm struggling with trying to find a way to verbally express my "Kodachrome Memories" that are cataloged in my mind...

Sound Bite memories.....
Smiling for the opportunity!!!;  poverty of a large part of the South West; Trains 1.5 miles long; large vastness of empty space; the beauty of different Natural Murals of Terrain in the area; the instant friends you make with the Camping/RV community; the lack of snakes I saw; the amazing sunrises; the crisp "morning air" of Colorado; the "palette" of the Colorado mountains in the fall;  number of "eclectic" towns; possible ET landing spots; number of towns with a population of 100 or less;  best hiking/exploring I have experienced; Sand Dunes in Colorado...wow;  Wolf Creek Pass....my personal speed bump and the SUPER out come;  Best "Petroglyphs" I have seen; wishing I had my "Grand Kids" with me; Smiling at a sunset....

Horst Kelly Photographer
I want to thank everyone that took the time to venture onto the journal....and especially for those that left a comment or two.....This trip was the most extensive one I have taken with the Casita, and it was also the one that gave me that John Denver "Rocky Mountain High".......I can't wait for the next one....thanks for stopping by!!!

I should have the photo's downloaded, sorted, darkroom stuff completed and posted on website within two weeks......


  1. Thanks for sharing your journey and pictures with us. We can't wait till your next trip.
    OBTW, I sent you an email at the contact address on your main page.........Jerryc

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip! I know the "letdown" at the end of a long trip with the trailer. I am still getting the urge to go out & spend a night or two in the Escape particularly this week with it hitting 65 degrees, but, alas it is winterized & covered.

    Still hope to run into you next summer.