Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tombstone...and not much else

Got up this morning about 5am...made coffee...sat outside.....long sweats morning....finished yesterdays blog, and looked at my adventure for today....Tombstone, Bisbee, and Ft Huachuca.....I got to the cemetery before they officially opened, but they are gracious enough to let me far I'm batting a 1000....took the photo's the light wouldn't let me have yesterday afternoon, and just looked a the cemetery as one space..interesting to see they had one corner just aside for  the Chinese folks that died in Tombstone...

Horst Kelly Photographer
There are  a dozen more markers I enjoyed reading that I will post on my website after I return's just gets too complicated with this basic net-book.....I fell in the love with the two ladies that managed the office...they called me "son"...that gives you a clue how old they was one of the few places in town where I felt that they where featuring Tombstone as a Historical institution,  rather than a commercial tourist (DisneyLand) trap......ok enough of my was early and things where all still closed, which was ok with me....let me stroll the town and be able to reflect its history without being distracted from the street vendors, hawking the towns venues.....for a price....when I got to the featured place in town..the "O.K.Corral"  I saw that it was not open yet...asked the gentleman that seemed to be getting the place ready if I could take a few photo's of the area, didn't want to see the show, gun fight, etc, but was willing to pay for the opportunity to photograph this special place....answer was I walked around town taking various photo' a fellow with old western garb and a parrot sitting on his shoulder  seems a little out of place for a western this Tombstone or Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras.....anyway..I got some photo's and again was able to put myself in a time warp back to its "heyday"...and that was a great feeling (experience)....BTW, when I got back to the O.K. Corral, the large gate was open...Soooo...I started clicking the shutter, moving closer to the entrance...some folks behind me started doing the same..and guess who saw us, and flew like a rocket to close the gate....the other folks said thanks....very nice of you...haha..
O.K. Corral...Horst Kelly Photographer

A Little House of Pleasure...Horst Kelly Photographer
The Famous Newspaper Horst Kelly Photographer
Caption of the Day...still relevent

Went to Bisbee...did not Realize the 1000 Step Walk was the event of the year...No parking any where..road leading into town had cars backed up a 1/4 mile or more...I said no thank you...I'll wasn't even 0930 on my "Bucket List" was the old part of Ft. Huachuca..entered the main gate...ask for directions...also got a map...long story short, ask for directions 3 more times, was told  the map is out dated....after an hour and forty-five minutes still couldn't find it...then it took another 45 minutes to find the Main Gate back home and washed clothes, fixed dinner, got ready for the Deming New Mexico area..City of the

Rocks State Park...30 miles north of Deming.....irrespective of stuff that happened I enjoyed this area..and would come back....until tomorrow, take care..Happy Trails Horst

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