Monday, October 10, 2011

Discovering Sedona

Horst kelly photographer
Wow...never having been in Sedona...I didn't know what to expect.....It goes out of the way to satisfy the appetite of just about has luxurious golfing resorts, art galleries, jeep tours, hot air balloon rides, bi-plane tours, mountain biking, hiking....numerous marked trails, and the list goes on........then of course is the scenery...if you can disregard the crowds...Sedona has outstanding vistas.....the amazing contrast of red and green....
I spent the better part of the day driving to various parts of the surrounding area for photo neat place was on airport the end of the drive, you are on top of the hill overlooking the entire city.with super views of the mountains.....Another great place was up Schnebly Hill Road...there is a place to park...great views as well as hiking trails.....Its a place where you will be hard pressed to see everything in one day.....especially if you come here on a 3 day weekend....which reminds me ...I saw several folks protesting.....signs said "stop genocide...don't support Columbus Day" that's a stretch...

I have an Air Force friend that lives in New Jersey, but bought a vacation home" here in last evening I called the only number I had for him.....figuring its his home phone and there are also back in NJ...long story, long...he calls later last evening...there are south of Sedona......we plan to meet and he arrives this morning at 0930...we talk, laugh, sight see...he shows me his vacation home...then we go to a pizza 4 hour time spent together..but real quality time...only down side is that his wife had other stuff to wife loves those two and when she found out we connected...was pissed...Haha!

A great day....I am having problems loading photo's on the if I don't post photo's, it's 'cause the "Blogs Gods" won't let me...Later  Horst



  1. Sounds as if you are having a fantastic time. Great pictures, even though you didn't find the "magic light". Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading all about it.

  2. Horst,

    I had a great time visiting with you after - I think - 10 haven't changed, thank goodness. Let's plan for a trip to Sedona this spring when we can bring the girls.

    Hope you get some great pictures.