Monday, December 31, 2018

2018...The Good The Bad The Ugly...and the Good again.....Plus.a little Utube recap of Mother Natures Work

                  ......And a Very Happy New Year to the "Wanderlust" Blogging Family!

Six months.......Though I haven't posted, its been a "sporty" six months and never Dull.

First My Bride continues to be moving to a complete recovery. The Cognitive engine is running on all 8 cylinders, she is maintaining a healthy diet, controlling the level of fluid intake is a daily task....however her sodium is at a healthy level.  she has maintained her daily exercise routine. In fact is now walking 30 minutes with me and then "peels off". :)) So all in all I am very happy as to the progress she has made towards her full recovery.

I still have not been comfortable in taking any of my  Casita  trips, however I think that will change for 2019.

We have had the kids down here at various times of the year and that has been a comfort and blessing! In fact they took the helm in our House hunting venture....we  have not advanced too far in that direction, but I thought it best to stabilize our current environment before we beginning a new "Adventure".
So in short the Brides recovery and welfare has been my number one priority for the better part of 2018......
I  have had a few medical hiccups, but so far have kept the "Wolves at Bay"

The other major issue that has come about this year is the decline of one of my younger sisters health. She has been in and out of the hospital for the better part of the last three years. She lives in St Louis , single, though one of her sons also resides there. About three months ago she ended up in the hospital and at first it appeared as though she had a mini stroke, but the conclusion is that it was a respiratory problem, pneumonia,  low oxygen, high CO2 levels, etc... I received a call a several weeks ago that it didn't seem like she was going to survive this bout so I went up there as did my other sister from Va.....her memory was for the most part gone, she was not able to walk and needed a Bipap machine to assist her breathing, etc....right before Christmas she made a 180 degree turn...though not out of the woods and will now be in a Rehab Facility and long term care she has about 80 percent memory recall, can walk short distances, talk, smile, laugh and cry., argue(hehe) and eat on her own! ..Since she was stabilized and wanted to  spend/share Christmas with her son and family, I decided to get back home for Christmas  and arrived  here Christmas Eve .

We had a nice relaxing Christmas with son and his wife and felt very blessed given how this year started unfolding ...This evening will be one of reflection, looking forward for 2019 and New Horizons.

I wish each of my Blogging Friends a New Year filled with Good Health, Much Love and Lots of Memories Makers!

Instead of some of my photos I leave you with what I think is a magnificent YouTube video of Mother Natures wonders'! Horst sends


  1. So good to see a post from you. Great to read that the missus is on the mend. Family means more than anything, so keep them close and do what you can to help your sister through these difficult times. Hope to still meet up with you one day....jc

  2. I also would like to share a campfire...I thought it was going to be early this year with a trip to Alabama Hills...but that is a non starter at this time..hoping I can do that in the fall. I am going to try to get a Big Bend trip in sometime in early February. I sure enjoyed following your Blog on the Alaska/Canada Journey...Take care Buddy...Horst sends