Saturday, September 24, 2016

4th Down and Punt...or go for a 1st Down

Last I posted it was 21 Sept…going to yet an undefined location…Not so fast There Horst…You seem to bounce back too quickly from these challenges…so lets try this one for size….It appears my converter bit the dust….I did all the testing to see if it’s a battery, bad wires or the converter…from my limited knowledge but using the schematics that the Casita Forum has laid out there, it looks like the converter…Plus its one of the  two “suspect” years…2009/10…mine is 09 and held out this long….In addition I have a new battery and it tested just fine……
Mountain Top Sunrise with some Fog(c)2016Horst Kelly Photography

So I sit in the middle of no where on top of a mountain thinking through all the options available to me…First priority, have a Moose Drool…it clears the cobwebs. At the end of the day I would need a new convertor, whether I went dragging…I mean my tail …I mean Casita, on home, feeling sorry for myself or tried to get it fixed on the road…I did realize that with my solar and a little sun I could kick the can till I got home. plus I have a inverter generator…I also knew that my technical knowledge on me changing it out was at best “wishful thinking” especially having to lay on my bad back for a couple hours..So I called around to see if anyone would do it…Yikes, it appears they wanted me to supplement their retirement fund.
I never tire of Rainbows...Mt Top CG(c)2016HorstKellyphotography

Then I remembered  Larry Gamble((Little House Customs) had partnered with a fella in Arizona…Konrad, I placed a call and he was available and agreed that it appeared my converter had stopped working…He was extremely helpful..another example of the terrific folks that are the Casita Family!…I thanked him and had decided maybe I would “abort” and head back home. I was looking at a map and appeared Konrad was not that far away..2 or so days…and I will be confident that the job is done right! I called Konrad again and long story long, I will be there on the 27th.
I left my Mountain top paradise and headed towards Deming NM…by noon it was decision time, City of the Rocks or Rockhound…since I was at the City of the Rocks last year I opted for Rockhound..I will stay here till Sunday and then start slowly meandering my way North to Konrad’s Little House Customs-West!

I’ll try to get this posted  somewhere tomorrow(24 Sept)…Until the next Installment of the “Misadventures Of Horst”…and remember, “life is like s box of chocolates”…Horst sends


  1. Appears you are having a run of bad luck at present, but the bright side is Konrad is about half a day from the South Rim and a day from the North Rim. The North Rim is just three hours from Zion. Go for the long ball and hope for a touchdown. Seriously, hope things improve and you get to experience some of the magic season in the Southwest... jc

    1. You are so right about the "Bright" side...Last evening stayed at a Tonto National Forest cg about and Hour or so from Camp Verde(8 dollars)...right by Roosevelt LAKE..What a great place...and the drive here was magnificent...just wouldn't pull over to get any shots...will see Konrad first light tomorrow and then my Friend, its off to the North permitting...take care...Horst sends

  2. So glad you thought of Konrad! Please tell him hi from Lynne and David. He hasn't worked on our rig, yet, but has given us some valuable consultations.
    Think I remember there is some some forest camping close to him.
    Keep those positive thoughts going..maybe your misadventures will lead to some spectacular adventures.

    1. I'm looking forward to meeting Konrad..seems like a rel nice person on the phone...very patient and accommodating! I will tell you,this trip has not been a disappointment...I gotten to visit a lot of new places...Hope you and David are well and thanks for stopping by.. Horst sends