Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Relaxing Drive To The New Mexico Border...Almost

Today was Travel Day 2, though I thought of extending my stay at the Park for another night....its been a great way to unwind and find new adventures...BTW Day 1 put 233 miles on the Armadillo..

Last Evening's Dinner...steak, grilled corn, salad of tomatoes and sugar snap peas, Home Made Rye Bread.....watching the sun set..."priceless"

So Saturday morning I got up before the sun did, made some coffee and sat outside and watched the deer enjoying their morning "Buffet" first light I hitched up,cleaned up, and had one more for the road....I decided I would meander up to Littlefield, Texas, the Birth place of Wylon Jennings... he and some cohorts started  an RV Park years of charge, water and electric..its about 250 miles up the road...seemed like the perfect stopover...

There is something special about endless open, winding  roads....(c)2015Horst Kelly Photographer

I head west and north on Rt 153, then take Texas 70 until Sweetwater..billed as the "Rattlesnake Capital"..a short hop on l-20, then US-84 to Lubbock..where I proceed to take a wrong turn somewhere and after about 10 miles or so, my camping Guardian Angel helps me realize I'm heading South into the "abiss"....I regroup and get back on 84 and enjoy the scenery...speaking of scenery, I don't think I have seen so many wind turbines as I did between Coleman and Sweetwater...mile after mile on both sides of the amazing site and no way to capture it on film....a super wide angle lens wouldn't do it justice....

...and  Majestic wildlife...(c)2015Horst Kelly photographer 

After 240 miles, I arrive in Littlefield.  Its early afternoon, partly I enter the campgound, I see two RV's..both have seen better days and adjacent to the park appears to be a Fairground of some sort and a very Happy party in full I survey the situation, I think they may be better options elsewhere and decide to head up to Muleshoe, Tx...another 30 miles or so....good decision as I find another free overnight Park...called Ray and Donna West Park...maintained by a local society and the City Fathers...or Mothers...has elect and water...donations are accepted.  Gravel, level with 8 or so sites...includes a picnic table...I set up, leave the rig hitched and relax....Don't feel like cooking...end up across the street at Subway ordering a Veggie sandwich..Call the Bride and will hit the sack  as soon as the sun takes a rest...

Tomorrow its off  to Villanueva State Park, New Mexico... on the way is Billy the Kids Grave site...will probably play tourist and check it out and buy some sort of trinkets for Grandkids..  :)

Ray & Donna CG, Muleshoe, "Style Points"...but functional

Today's ride about 285 miles....Till next time...Horst sends


  1. Be safe and use the boondock sites at Villanueva State Park. They are really nice.

    1. It was too hot when I arrived...I needed the A/C...hard to get here..but great solitude...Now at Cheyenne Mtn. St. Pk. Colorado Springs...having fun...Horst sends