Wednesday, August 26, 2015

T-15....... More or Less

Its Lift Off Time

Medical appointments are completed, Most of my “Home Front” projects are kinda sorta done; the Albino Armadillo is washed, waxed, a few modifications and new tires(Maxxis 8008) and is now ready to be my home away from home. Also did some preventive maintenance on the “mule”…my super mechanic says she’s all set and ready to take any and all Colorado mountain passes….need to remember to check my brake controller each time I hitch up…something I forgot to do last year and  it kinda “slapped" me in the back of the head as I made a decent down a Mt. Pass…  as they say “you can’t fix stupid”.
(c)2012Horst Kelly photographer...Glacier NP

The plan is to pull out of the driveway NLT 11th of Sept. and head Northwest..spend some time in Colorado, start with Cheyenne Mountain, then go northwest a bit to the Salida area...up to Crested Butte, over the Pass to the Gunnison , Montrose, Telluride, Ouray areas.... Maybe get some photo’s of the Fall Foliage and then head to the Southwest;  New Mexico, Arizona, Eastern part of Utah…spend about 6 to 8 weeks on the road…I am more than ready to do some Exploring and Boondocking, and putting my new 100 watt Solar Suitcase through the hoops.

(c)2012Horst Kelly Photographer...Glacier NP

This trip will  not be so much about photography, but more about camping, relaxing and enjoying the time spent in a location. I’m sure I will  get the urge to squeeze the shutter and chase a sunset or and again… but it won’t be my first priority, at least that’s the plan.

(c)2014HorstKelly Photography
(c)2014HorstKelly Photographer
Soooo…I guessing my next post will be the evening before I pull out of the driveway…till then,  Happy Trails to All…Horst sends

ps..My original post indicated a launch day of 1 Sept., but just as I was about to press the publish button another commitment came I kicked the can to the 11 Sept, or sooner.....oh well, that's why we have "Tomorrow's".....
(c)2014HorstKelly Photographer
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