Monday, August 19, 2013

Memories Part 1

I thought I would do a summary/recap of the Gsons and Opi's Adventure....

First the boring stats.
Total time with the Boys: 5 plus weeks
Camper miles: about 3100
Total auto miles: somewhere around 6720
Total Cost: Can't put a price on an Adventure with Gkids

...and we're off
First camping day
Ft. McAllister....Horst kelly Photographer
Ft McAllister....Horst Kelly Photographer
Underground Room Ft McAllister 

Museum at Ft. McAllister..Horst kelly photographer

The Adventure began the latter part of took me four days to travel from my home to the Kids house in SC....instead of going the Southern route(l-10), I decided to go north and hit l-20 at Tyler, Tx....My first day ended at the Shallow Creek RV Resort in Gladewater Tx....A typical commerical real WOW factor except for the fact it has a golf course that wraps around the CG and it has a swimming pool...with Passport America discount it ran about $ it was onward to Askew Landing CG, Edwards Ms...privately owned on what was once a does have a WOW factor...rustic, small lake, walking trails, swimming pool, grass sites, wild life...cost is $ 19.26.  A great relaxing evening...only negative...can't buy wine at your local store...well yes you can if you want to drink "Boones Farm Apple Wine"...I'll pass and have a Shiner this evening...definitely a place to return when I have more time...and its close to Vicksburg, Ms

Ft McAllister Museum

Next Day was a ride to Auburn, Al and the Auburn RV Park...nice park, rolling hills, treed, a creek or small river running through the park..easy access to the Interstate....Easy drive, relaxed, grilled some chicken, salad, Texas Toast.....and a Shiner....bed by 10PM.

Next day was the final leg to Charleston was suppose to a relaxing short drive.....well it all went south pretty fast....first was the standstill, took me one hour  to make the 3 miles to the exit I wanted.....conquered that without a rise in blood sooner was I heading south when the Rain came...not just a nice little rain...rather one that caused visibility to me almost zero.....rain followed me for most of the trip..... what was to be a short day turned into a 9 hour adventure...but I arrive no worse for wear....Kids handing me a "Brew" Gkids want to give their friends a tour of Ms Casita.....we order take out, relax and off to bed around 1030PM...My below is my trip to Charleston:

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After 4 days of relaxing, reconfiguring the camper, cleaning it, repacking the Xterra, we where ready to hit the road....8 July about 0900..we three launched for about 160 mile drive to our first destination..Ft Mcallister SP in Georgia....Here is our trip Map to Tx.: why does it not appear smaller??

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Daughter led us out of Charleston...then it was a relaxing trip to Ft Mcallister...arrived early afternoon, had the Boys pick a site, unhitched and took a look around....Great campground situated next to the Fort. Spend 3 terrific days there exploring the area..then it was off to our next destination...
Little Talbot CG
Little Talbot Beach...The Atlantic
Okefenoke Park
Okefenoke...Horst Kelly Photographer
Okefenoke Resident...Horst Kelly photographer

Little Talbot State Park, Fl is next on our agenda...The main sits on the Atlantic Ocean...a great way to relax for several days of having pure fun..with a little sand mixed in...also a trip to  Okefenoke National Park...what a great day that was....more beach time as well as the next couple days....the weather was perfect, maybe a little warm for the Boys...but thats why we have the beach...

Next stop Suwannee State Park, the Panhandle...what a bust that rained for 3
days...the only saving grace...Taco Bell......Finally departure day arrived and not a minute too soon... and we're off.

Suwannee River State Pk.


Ft. Pickens Beach

Ft. Pickens here we come.....we didn't know what to do first...The Boys loved the Fort....we also had the beach, a little miniature golf, go Karts, more beach time...campfires,  smores, Naval Air Museum,  Blue Angles, Simulator (a favorite with them)..and much more.....several days of pure action...
Ft. Pickens..Horst Kelly Photographer
Ft Pickens

Ft. Pickens..Horst Kelly Photographer

Light House Pensacola  NAS

Made a team decision to forgo Johnson Space Center in Houston and go North to the Mississippi River and Vicksburg...
Horst Kelly Photographer
NAM Display...Horst Kelly Photographer
I'm out of Ammo...NAM

Another super adventure as we camp right on the Mississippi River...has a pool, as they said "sweet"....Spent almost a day at the Battle Field in Vicksburg..its a self guided driving the CD and it becomes an instant evening a real thunder storm...cut into the pool time...sitting on the banks of the river watching the Barges go by.....and fun time....
Vicksburg Battle Ground...Horst Kelly Photographer
Vicksburg BG...Horst Kelly Photographer
Vicksburg BG...Horst Kelly Photographer

Now we're off to Shallow Creek CG...just an overnighter...didn't unhitch...they have a pool, so most of the afternoon was spent there....Next morning it was to the home late afternoon...Omi greeted us with Hugs and Kisses.....and we're ready for part two of their Summer Experience ....

Horst Kelly Photographer
Vicksburg...Photo by #2Gson
Maybe a future Blue Angel in the Making
Can't fly until you have a personal call sign
How many cockpits can they sit in...

I will summarize Memories 2 as a separate blog as not to bore you to death.....will be back in a couple of Days...Happy Trails...Horst sends


  1. Great recap of some wonderful memories for you. Looking forward to part two..

    1. Thanks ....more memories keep coming to the forefront as I reflect.....I'm enjoying your current "house rising"...what a great safe and enjoy...Horst sends

  2. Horst, the kids probably will remember that trip forever. I remember almost every moment with my Granddaddy. They are my most cherished memories.

    So glad I get to share the recap even though I missed the original trip. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by...The Boys continue to talk about the trip as do I... to anyone that will all is going well with you and your bathroom redo!!!....Don't over do...Horst sends

  3. I had fun enlarging all the photos...I think one of the best summer novels now I bet they are in school thinking of all those special moments! Hats off to you....your the best!

    1. Thanks for the kind words...but I think I got the best deal out of this adventure...and I do plan on doing a couple books for them for Christmas....I'm enjoying your Full Time Journey...and the positive manner which you're working out all the "Full Time" hiccups...Happy Trails....Horst sends

  4. Fantastic!! What a wonderful summer of memories that will be remembered by all of you!! Looking forward to part 2!!

    1. Thanks for the positive was a fantastic summer which resulted in more memories than I ever thought would be reaped...did it have some "Ground Truth moments"...yes...but for me that's part of the journey when you have Gsons....Hope you two are doing well...when is your next "Happy Trails" Adventure??...Take care...Horst sends