Thursday, May 9, 2013


Its been well over a week since we arrived home.....and I believe when I posted last we where in Paul's Valley, Oklahoma....maybe a summary is in order. Had a goods nights rest and we where gassed up(somehow that doesn't sound right) and ready to roll by 0700...Nice day, somewhat overcast which makes for better driving, and about 430 miles later we roll in the Driveway at our slice of home before 1500, unpacked and my 1600 was relaxing on the back porch.... sipping a margarita and munching on chips with  hot salsa( not from new York)...all is well with Life....
Rocky Mtn High 1..Horst Kelly Photographer (c) 2011

 One thing I have noted on the last couple trips is that Northern Texas and Oklahoma on the I-35 corridor is now heavily involved with "Fracking"....and this has had an impact on the quality of the Motels in the area..they seem to be catering to the long term young Oil workers rather than their Nighty guests...which is understandable...but what has occurred is the condition and cleanness in the rooms have gone down hill....another reason to convince my bride that Ms. Casita should be our Comfort Inn on these travels...
Rocky Mtn High2...Horst Kelly photographer (C) 2011

The next day Tuesday(30 April)...0530 in the morning...I start getting ready for a Loooong walk and I notice that one of my toes is really swollen and did I bang it against something after my second margarita or is there an infection that set in...forgo walk and call the foot Doc at 0800...bottom line, its an infection..they do stuff that needs NOT to be explained and send me home with antibiotics and instructions on what to do twice a day, etc... well 2 days into this "treatment" I start having a bad reaction to the antibiotics....back to the Doc. and begin a new regiment .....the good news is I can do my daily walks...the weather has been better than perfect and I'm walking 7-8 miles each morning starting at 0615...need to make sure I can see if any snakes are lying in the road....have had enough Doctor visits..

Rocky Mtn. High3..Horst Kelly Photographer (c)2011

Started working on some stuff inside the camper...reattached the bathroom door which I had taken off a couple years ago...doing a side shelf(cutting board) thing by the stovetop to provide some more counter space....still trying to configure that....put some more Led lights  in...and looking at what the best configuration would be when I have the 2 will be tight and they like to watch a little TV, play with their Xbox when it rains,etc....and there won't be any table set up..TV trays and outside eating will be the norm...also starting to look at places they would enjoy...Lynn of "Casita in the Desert, Casita  in the Mountains" send me some GREAT info on the Gatlinburg area...also Barney of OFM had made several SUPER suggestions....I'm starting to get excited...of course at my advanced age it doesn't take much to get the blood flowing...
Horst Kelly Photography (c) 2011

I'll close for now by saying thanks to all the folks who take the time to stop and visit my ramblings and also leave a comment now and again....its like having a whole separate family.... its nice to interact and be able to leave a comment and feel as though we are friends, even if you have never I thank each and every one of you... till next time...Happy Trails...Horst sends


  1. Ecks on the toe....ouch. Might pick up a jar of tea tree oil ointment...I smear it on all my infections and its works like a charm on toenails. Right now working on a mole...with some Epsom salts. Enough of my doctoring ideas...I agree, give me my own bed. Last hotel stays we've had better the soiled carpets and hospital smelling sheets...creepy! Check out our table last post. You could take in the Branson area for a that lake area. But Gatlinburg gorgeous land as well as doing the Smokey Mtn hikes with falls and rafting. Bet your getting excited!

    1. Never heard of "tea tree oil ointment"...where does one get that...sounds like the ticket???...Branson is a place I need to go see...maybe I'll make that a destination with the Gkids...I am getting excited...starting to ready Ms Casita with determination....Happy Mother the table Mods you Guys have made....Horst

    2. Natural Health Store carry it...probably even a Whole Foods store as well. You won't be sorry.

    3. Thanks Carla...I'll go get some today...have a great week...Horst

  2. You put that very well.....I also feel like I have another family. My day's not complete without checking into my e-family.

    My you sure do walk a long way...over twice what we are accustomed to completing! Glad that your problem did not slow you down for long...take care.

    1. e-family...never thought of it that way...I like it...My early morning walks are my take on "meditation"..the longer I walk the better I feel...anal...yea...but I enjoy seeing the sun rise...the mockingbirds sing...and the sounds of Mother Nature as she shares a new day with us...such is life...Have a Great Mothers Day ....Horst sends