Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tornado Alley...Close and Personal

We are on our way to Kansas City..route is I-35....aka Tornado Alley...and anyone that is watching the weather channel today is noticing that there is a strong chance for tornadoes ...we delayed a day and are currently bedded down in Denton, Texas....a  nip south of the real danger zone.....but not outside the T-storms....I do have a mobile emergency weather notification system....hopefully by morning it will be a little East of us...we will hit rain, but that's may ask...why didn't you fly...the bride does not want to fly any longer....and for some valid reasons that occurred during flights from Hawaii back to KC.....
Tetons...Horst Kelly Photographer

On another netbook that I used on the road started acting up...and appeared to be on its last leg....Good excuse to  start looking for a laptop...I have the all in one Apple for home use.... the laptop is the on the road platform.....did some research, went to Best Buy...they tried to sell me a Apple, based on my other, no and no again....told them what my requirements where, what I had researched and I ended up with a Samsung, l5 processor,  8 GB Ram, 750 hard Dive, etc....15 something inch I'm trying to now learn windows 8 along with Apple....oh well....I do like the laptop thus far.....sure a step up from a netbook...

Horst Kelly Photographer
Hoping to get some photo ops during this visit.....will try and post daily during the trip...and now will try and download some photos from my external drive.....Happy Trails...Horst sends


  1. Let us know how hard it is to master windows 8....I need a new laptop! This one is occasionally screeching.

    Love that header photo! I may have already said that...but worth saying again.

    1. Appreciate the header photo comment.....the Best Buy Tech. said if you know windows 7, its not that me the big change is layout and where to find stuff....and where it places it...but then I've only been in it about 5 hours total...we'll see...Horst

  2. Gotta love this silly weather...I feel like I got spoiled with last year's Spring! So I have my new HP laptop with Windows 8 set up...FINALLY getting the hang of it. Been off and on it for the last two days. LIKE most of it...been nice if it had come with picked Corel as so much cheaper. Between this and the Samsung tablet....and not even going to think about the DSLR camera. Guess will have plenty of time on the road to figure it out more. Hope your out taking pics today!!! Flurries here but WARM sunshine coming on Sunday and you should see it before we do!