Sunday, December 9, 2012

Westward Ho…in Big Bend

 I've been able to post my 3 most recent blogs in the last 6 scroll to your hearts content...for you viewing pleasure ..haha!!!

For some reason I woke up at 0300(Sunday morning)…and couldn’t get back for another few winks….so I did all those manly things one does…got some coffee brewing and decided to make some over easy eggs, maple favored thick bacon, biscuits…and just grazed…watching my stomach worked…the sun is starting to peak over the horizon….I load up the Nissan with camera gear and head out..destination Santa Elena Canyon…
What a vast magical place…
First stretch was from Rio Grande CG to Panther Junction…a mere 20 miles..remember the speed limit is only 45 MPH..then on to Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive…and what a drive it was…lots of stops, hikes and some photos…and the weather was perfect…stopped at Sam Nail Ranch…photo below, Homer Wilson Blue Creek Ranch, Burro Mesa Pour Off,  Mule Ears…and then to Castolon…and finally Santa Elena Canyon Overlook..what a educational Day…Though I had been to many of those places before…However, today,I saw it from a different perspective…I will go back in the next 2 or so days to capture some of it in better light…I hope…..
Sam Nail Ranch…what remains
Got back around 1500 hours..figured how why my blogs had not posted in the last couple days…finished that…ran the Genny to charge every thing…ate a “Mountain House” dinner..and getting ready for the cold front to move in…25mph winds and temps. from 28-33 out the artic sleeping bag, long johns, horse blanket…and where is brandy when you need it…
Mule Ears..will return for sunset Photo
Its only suppose to be in the lows 50’s tomorrow..but I will venture out and explore… it’s the way of us “Casita folks”…right Jerry…I’m having a great time…hoping Barney is doing ok…he mentioned that if it was going to get COLD, he may head to Sturdy Butte for an electric hook up…he doesn't have a propane heater…
Until tomorrow…Happy Trails to all..


  1. Looking forward to seeing more of Santa Elena canyon as I was there 22 years ago and have forgotten most of it.
    Stay warm.
    Do you have a wave 3, sport cat or a furnace?
    Liked the 'mule ears'.

    1. I was never at Santa Elena at a good photo opt time or the weather was not cooperating...I have a furnace(propane)..if I have electricity I do have a small ceramic heater.....mule ears is a neat place and a good hike in...Have a GREAT Christmas....Horst sends

  2. Just finished reading your last three posts. I believe Lynne has hit the nail on the head. There's nothing that compares to a sunset over those Western mountains. Glad you're having a great time. Might follow your footsteps sometime toward the end of next month, so keep on leaving a good trail with your posts.

    1. Knowing you will have a terrific time...and its a great time of year...I would wait until the new during the holidays it has a potential of filling up...a lot of kids on Christmas break go down there...Big Bend is a place I like to go for some solitude....most times very few people go there....Easter, Thanksgiving, Spring Break and Christmas seem to be the only times its get a little crowded ...have fun and share some of those calendar quality sunset photos you take!!! Horst

  3. Oh Santa Elena Canyon, we were there years ago must go back in the bus! And yes, I am jealous of your sunrise! Enjoy!

    1. Thanks for stopping by....I'm loving the way your Bus is turning out....when do uou think you're going to hit the road???? The Big Bend trip was great of my favorite places to take in except summer....keep in touch and you two have a Merry Christmas...Horst