Tuesday, November 27, 2012

On the Road Again…..Homeward Bound

Yesterday  started off at 0630, and it was cold…17 degrees…decided to try and see if I could get the treadmill to work….after  about 10 minutes  of hitting this, kicking that, I got it to work…spent an hour on it, and felt a lot better…decided to day I was going to go head to head with “Turkey Tetrazzini”..and make some Texas Chili for Dinner…went to the store and fetched all the fixings..started about 1300 hours and by 1800 it was ready for unveiling…FIL couldn’t get enough, daughter and Gson had multiple helping and Friend Tim wanted to lick the laddle…Turkey left overs are officially “dead”… Chili took the Gold ……I am now one with the Universe again…
Daughter and FriendDaughter and Friend at Plaza
WE left later than Planned to day…drove about 400 miles to Pauls Valley, Oklahoma…Another History lesson:
“The area that eventually became the city of Pauls Valley was one of the earliest European settlements in what was then known as Indian Territory. Smith Paul, born in 1809 in New Bern, North Carolina, discovered the fertile bottom land which is now Pauls Valley while a member of a wagon train traveling to California. Paul described the land as "a section where the bottom land was rich and blue stem grass grew so high that a man on horseback was almost hidden in its foliage"[citation needed].
The Tri-Party Treaty of January 1, 1837 ceded this part of what is now the State of Oklahoma to the Chickasaw Nation. When the Chickasaw Indians were relocated to Indian Territory that year, Smith Paul moved with them and married Ela-Teecha, a Chickasaw Indian woman. In 1847, the Pauls settled on the rich Garvin County bottom land which became known to locals as "Smith Paul’s Valley".[4] By 1871, postal service was established in the area, although the Post Office was accidentally called "Paul's Valley, Arkansas" as the Indian Territory was being administered out of Arkansas.[5] The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway shortened the name to "Paul’s Valley" when the railroad came to town in 1887.
The railroad brought growth and prosperity to Smith Pauls Valley. The first newspaper was published in 1887. The Pauls Valley townsite was laid out in 1892. A U.S. Court house was built in 1895. The first  school in Indian Territory was established and brick buildings were built downtown. In 1909, the streets were bricked.[6] Today, Pauls Valley has more brick streets [17,986 square yards (15,039 m2)] than any other town in the United States.)[7]
The Oklahoma Cartoonists Hall of Fame located in the Toy and Action Figure Museum was opened in Pauls Valley in 2005”"]
Sonic won the day for dinner…now watching a little TV…should get home early afternoon tomorrow….then start planning the Big Bend trip at the start of December…getting Ms Casita road ready…really looking forward to a little Boondocking in December…Life is Good…Until tomorrow..Thanks for stopping by and Happy  Trails  Horst


  1. Looking forward to hearing about the Big Bend trip. Wondering if you will have much of an internet connection there?

    Twenty years ago I was there and remember it as a magical place.

    1. The last time I was there there was no internet nor cell phone coverage.....one can only hope...But it still will be a great time..Horst