Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back to the Alamo....

Last evening we all decided to do Chinese...the amount of food we ordered was down right "Pigish" that a word....there was so much left over it would feed a Third World Nation....I think all the food cooked or bought the last week...the Kids willl have left overs through the New Year...I haven't got on a scale, but with the lack of my daily walking and the amount of  intake of delicious food...I probably gained 10-15 lbs......woe is me....but it was worth being with the Kids, Grandkids and meeting all their friends....
Way to Early for a "Grandkids" Photo Take

With all that was going on last night, I decided to pack this up at 0530, wanted to make sure I was up to see the SIL off to work....then it was pack, give the Grandkids hugs and one last photo.....daughter and I sat around and talked, laughed, and re-lived the last several days....and then it was off to head home....after seeing the weather, I decided to go home the same way I came...really wanted to do I-20, but saw some bad weather towards the west, between I-40 and I-20.....don't need its off to Jacksonvillle, then I-10 west.....I called it a day in Marianna, Florida...about 470 miles from Charleston...easy drive...just relaxing now....we'll see where tomorrow finds me....Happy Trails...Horst

Horst kelly photographer


  1. Sure it was tough to say goodbye to such a lovely family! Travel safe and hope the storms stay to the wayside!

    1. Thanks for your nice comment..yes they are a "lovely family", but then I may may be bias, lol...Horst