Tuesday, August 21, 2012

There's Always a Shortcut...Buns, Buns and more Buns

Decided today I would go to McDonald Falls, which is about 13 miles up the road and then on to Polebridge for some of those "Cinnamon Rolls"...Soooo after some coffee and cereal I was off to the Falls..A book I have on Photographing Glacier gave me very specific instructions....and I quote "Immediately beyond the head of the Lake, a paved road turns left, Shortly, it crosses a bridge spanning McDonald Creek. A small pullout is located across the bridge. The Trail travels upstream to the falls.  the hike is short, and the images are special"...pretty straight forward to me..
Dense woods to Waterfall..Horst Kelly Photographer

The trail is in a very dense wooded area...so I got my handy-dandy bear spray...and started a chorus of "when the saints come  marching in and the bears go marching out"...it was a well marked trail has some elevation to it and the last bit whines down to the river...30 minutes or so I was there...did work up a sweat, but it felt good, and I was happy ...crossed a small wooden bridge over the river and set up for a photo shoot....about 5 minutes into looking for the best angle, I hear a bunch of foreign chatter...nope, not bears....it was a bus load of Japanese tourists all with there cameras in hand, ready to shoot....where in the hell did they come from....turns out there is now a pull off on the main road..and a 30 second walk down the hill brings one to the same place it took me 30 minutes of huffing and puffing and keeping bears at bay to get to.....if I had stayed on the road and gone another 100 yards or so I could have avoided the "denise forest" with all those hungry bears...I sat there and laughed for I don't know how long.....I felt like the guy that had been on the deserted island for years only to find out that 100 yards down past the clearing  was Miami...

McDonald Falls..Horst Kelly Photographer

I wasn't happy with the photo's so I'm going back tomorrow with a different lens and try again....and maybe do the forest walk, just for old times sake..haha

Decided to go to Polebridge, since I read so much about it...it's 25 or so miles from the campground..not the best road in the world...but what captured my attention was the burnt trees...I would say in parts 90 percent of the forest was burnt....stopped and read that in 2003 they had 5 or so different fires at Glacier....what a tragedy..

Got to the  town of "Polebridge"...a main building 3 or 4 others and a gas pump....but the "buns"   wow...I bought Bread, a Cinnamon roll to go and a Jalapena roll to eat on the way back...downed it with a old time root beer... it was worth the trip...Jerry, I took a photo of the gas pump just to let you know gas prices haven't gone up since you where here a month ago...unlike the rest of the country...ha
The Gas Pump...price same as a month ago...haha

Horst Kelly Photographer

Got back to camp just as it started raining..plan to do a little grilling...until next...Happy Trails, thanks for stopping by..Horst

Mmmm, Mmmm...GOOD

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