Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mt Rushmore...Chief Crazy Horse..Loving Life

Let me start this blog by saying I found my match when it comes to really OLD trivia...Barney aka OFM..aka, new, proud as can be Grandpa not only knew who Red Ryder was...but also who his side kick was...”Little Beaver”, no not as in “Leave it to Beaver”......Thanks for taking the time to check in Barney!!

Horst Kelly Photographer

Today was another early “rise an shine day”....0430.....I had several things I wanted to do...first and foremost was to solve a little “hiccup” I ran into yesterday ...while driving to a small village hamlet...I rolled down the drivers side window to take a quick photo...the window did not go back up....after pounding on the door panel several times I did manage to get it to work....looked up Nissan Dealerships in the area and found one in Rapid City....right on the way to Mt there right when it opened..and they said come back tomorrow at now I have a plan.
Got to Mt Rushmore before 0900...and the crowd was minimal ....very nice surrounding...not as open as I had imagined...I did my usual thing and read all the stuff on the walls and buildings...did the trail walk and my 1000 was finished...when I got back the crowds where in the arena...bus loads of them....reminded me of the last time I was at the Grand Canyon....not my idea of a good time....glad I got there early....
Sunset from campground..Horst Kelly photographer
So now it was on to Chief Crazy Horse Monument....all I could think of were the there and was ready to do my walking tour when I found out you had to go on a guided bus tour. It turned out to be a great time...the Guide/driver was very knowledgeable and had a since of humor.....ingredients to insure a good time by all of us...the tour lasts about 30 minutes and you have a stop to get off the bus for some photo ops....very relaxing....Back to the visitors center which is huge and has everything from American Indian History to gift shops and Restaurants and more...I was going to go to Custer State Park, but it stated raining and knowing that would be an outside activity I opted to return to the Badlands and my Casita.... got back and the winds were gusting 40+ I’m in my little slice of heaven relaxing and looking at options for my next adventure as I meander up to Glacier...

Horst Kelly Photographer

Maybe a Burger on the Barbie and some sliced tomatoes and grilled mushrooms ....Later, thanks for stopping by..Horst

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