Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Road to Telluride

The forecast for today was not that good.....a strong chance of rain and/or thunder showers....but I decided to go for it as this forecast has been the same for the past 3/4 days.....left a little before 0800, gassed up and was on my way west on Mancos I headed northwest on 184 ....and then got on 145 at Dolores for Telluride..I was chasing the sun and the sun was playing hidden-go-seek with me...and the sun won for the most part....the further up in elevation I got, the more pronounced the colors became..... they become a symphony of colors....its amazing..even with the lack of sunlight.

photograph by Horst Kelly
The two downers today where the cloud cover and not as many pull-outs as there where on the million dollar road.....It seemed like I was in a tug-of-war with the sun...on getting some good light....and she would tease me ......the views where amount of words that I put to paper can describe the beauty of this place...but then I have an "A" type personality, and  don't really know how to describe this stuff!!  As the scenery rolled by, the clouds got darker and ...and by the time I got to Telluride the rains came down......It was time for the return trip......
Photograph by Horst Kelly
Got back to my camp-site about 4pm, down loaded the photo's and relaxed...looked at the weather forecast for tomorrow and decided that the train ride from Durango to Silverton is a no what...I think I'm looking at going south to New Mexico, Aztec and places near by....time to eat...going to try one of those Mountain House camping meals....tonite beef stroganoff and noodles...verdict...pretty darn good... thanks for stopping by..... Horst
Photograph by Horst Kelly

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